Benoit Izard aka Bizard shows us the world as a canvas to a possible freedom. His performances and installations transform the body and space and fascinate the eye of the spectator to create a wider live experience and open new stories shared by the people. The work activates physiological and perceptive mechanisms and body and space re-appropriation (he is an architect before coming to dance and visual art). It plays on the lymphatic system and shapes a figure and surface that challenge the eye. His pieces are keys for the spectator to access and express his reality. The message here is the right to enjoy your own body and space.


He uses tape and it has the freedom of a child scribble, burqa, heels shoes, text writing or nudity. His pieces are perceived alien and somehow familiar. They work on the physical experience, how we perceive our own body and the energy of others. The performers and the environment are present. Bizard questions how we accept unknown or non-control over the body and over the public space. For both performers and viewers the experience is of joy, safety and freedom, that makes arise a situation that resides both in the action and the reception, revealing undersurface cultural issues like in Africa where some people asked if the performers were coming from the ground ; and giving an exceptional festive freedom like if it recalls a universal language. He lives in Paris and Miami.



“Bizard plunges into the city, its surfaces and layers. The architect, dramaturge and performer, manifests undermine preferences of the city, using his own body as a landscape for urban inscriptions, negociating with conventions of integrity. Bizard is letting the spectator see his own weakness in a way where is become both humorous and a possibility for strengh and courage.”


Mårten Spångberg – essayist, festivals programmer

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