Benoit Izard aka Bizard is a performer, installation artist and a photographer. His work has been commissioned by Art Miami, Bernice Steinbaum gallery, Centre Pompidou, (e)merge art fair in Washington DC, Miami Theater Center, Miami performance festival, Tigertail productions and France Florida festival, Sleepless Night Miami, BACA art center, Maribor European Capital of Culture 2012, 1 Hotel & Homes, or Como Clube in Sao Paulo. He produced as well site specific projects in Africa, Brazil, Europe and USA. Benoit is architect and bachelor from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (SNDO). He lives in Lyon and Miami.

What can I do when life is naturally here ? Bizard’s pieces are very visual and reduce to a presence. They manifest what is your pleasure. Bizard experiences the body and an energy of love. His work frees how we accept unknown or non-control over the body and the public space. He plays with the perception to create an uncanny image, difficult to grasp and extremely appealing. Celebration of life and art, contemporary art form and at the same time a tribal universal message. It creates an exceptional festive freedom. Beautiful and fascinating.


“Bizard plunges into the city, its surfaces and layers. The architect, dramaturge and performer, manifests undermine preferences of the city, using his own body as a landscape for urban inscriptions, negociating with conventions of integrity. Bizard is letting the spectator see his own weakness in a way where is become both humorous and a possibility for strengh and courage.”

Mårten Spångberg – essayist, festivals programmer