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Bodies in ecstasy

bodies in ecstasy bodies in ecstasy bodies in ecstasy bodies in ecstasy bodies in ecstasy bodies in ecstasy

Maribor (Slovenia), European Capital of Culture 2012


The project works with classical sculptures to capture ecstasy in the body posture.

How to embody the violence of being touched by grace that transcends the physical body and at the same time reveals it? How to receive this body language in our own body? 

Invited by Maribor European Capital of Culture 2012, I’m investing the body not alive through classical sculptures ; as symbolic representation of our culture, forms to reactivate as contemporary figures in the eye, and the question of the body inspired by God which is also the question of the art inspiration and a time to recharge the being.

The installation uses packing tape. No damage is done to the stone. The process is perceived as a live experience as if these sculptures were performers. In a same gesture it erases and writes over, revealing its subject as well as the society mythologies and taboo. And maybe because it recalls childhood, people appropriate it and it don’t find it offending.

I didn’t get the authorization to do a full cover of the body, the installation was reduced to its straight point : banding the eyes, and maybe gained in clarity. While we were seeing a face asleep, we now see a person conducted the eyes closed : God why do you lead me so violently?