with love

LOVE is an installation done by now in 3 continents. It transforms a space by signing L.O.V.E in big over it.

The installation re-write our perception of the landscape and our relation to it. In a joyful and kaleidoscopic way it creates a vibrant image together with the site. In return the place gets more alive and engage people.

LOVE inscribes a high frequency energy in the place by making an offering of LOVE on the skin of the Earth, following by that the work of scientific Emoto on the memory of water and how to place a new memory (energy).


The four L.O.V.E letters make probably the most known word in the world. The universality of the message, the action to inscribe it in the space, its scale, its joyful colors or work on the matter, create a strong empathy in people’s reception. For everyone LOVE is a festive freedom.

The art work reflects the venue it takes place. At 1 Hotel & Homes for Art Basel Miami Beach 2014, it was 1 Hotel’s expression of LOVE to the nature, and expression of the abundance the nature is offering to 1 Hotel & Homes.

The creation can also be performed as live show.
Photography of LOVE are token for fine art prints collections.



LOVE story :
LOVE is in the street | LOVE started as a graffiti in the street : a poetry message and a statement on the right to take our own (public) space. The installation inscribes itself in the architecture of the place and is let open to people to appropriate like in New York where LOVE plays with the white stripes grid on the ground or in Paris where two lovers added ‘’is dead’’ with the tape they had in their bag and then kissed.
LOVE is art | LOVE has been commissioned by major art fairs and cultural events like Art Miami, Arts for a Better World or Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche). Using color tape, LOVE is pop art, offering an open experience and pleasure to an international public. Working on the physiological perception, the tape surface, shiny and slick, fascinates the eyes. The message captivates people’s excitement. We often see people kissing.
LOVE is your nature | The latest projects are site specific like on the beach. Technically, no alien element here. I’m using what is there. Beach is sand, water and wind ; writing will be done by raking the sand. There’s a physical gesture involved, nearly a dance. And we know the ocean and the air will take it away, that’s the whole beauty of it.
LOVE design | Other activations are conceived within an architecture like 1 Hotel & Homes for Art Basel. The precise crafted deconstruction of the geometry through many stripes of different colors and surface.



Being LOVE :
Free LOVE | LOVE doesn’t impose itself. In Paris, it stayed 6 months going away slowly with the rain ; on the beaches of Bahia in Brazil LOVE was written and erased in duet with the waves, at the same time so grand (a whole beach) and so fragile (a few waves’ time).
No damage is done. The tape goes way and leaves eventually a cleaner trace that speaks out maybe even more clearly. LOVE highlights the right or not to use the space, placing itself in the land art discourse in a proposition of marking the place but furthermore the perception of it. There is no territorial identity mark : I take the space but don’t hold it.
LOVE and peace | The Earth is a living body we are part of. In all spiritual believes, she is the mother that feeds us and maintain harmony between men but whom balance is fragile. Like we do a kiss to a child that the pain goes away, everything should be made with love.

LOVE follows the research of scientists Emoto and Benveniste on the ability of water to retain and transmit a memory (an energy) but extends it to others organisms. Like the kiss on the skin, LOVE is an offering of love, like one makes an informal architecture that places a new memory.
LOVE parade | LOVE is an invitation to party. It’s a land art or urban installation addressed in a global consciousness : a community gathering and expression of individual freedom, and by bringing the consciousness of love, LOVE helps to harmonize the place and show respect to the Earth and the people.



Making LOVE :
LOVE the world | L.O.V.E is an inscription on the surface. Yet each LOVE is unique to the context and the place that receives it : gigantic signature, carved on the sand or written in color, by its own or inviting people to be part of. The world is a canvas on which LOVE is made.
LOVE for play | LOVE is a joyful, nearly childish gesture of poetry, art, self expression and implication in the common space. Workshops are addressed to children and teens to imagine their way of LOVE : tape on the floor, planted flowers, flash mob shaping L.O.V.E, etc.
On some projects, spectators are invited to be part of the art work in a spirit of community celebration.