with love

Scotch crossing cities

Text by Sophie Cavaliero


A live performative exploration


SCOTCH relates as much to performance art as to a personal experience of freedom.


In the first instance this freedom comes from an action – that of reinstating one’s body and personal space in today’s society where social codes and values no longer have a direct link to the individual.


This fabric of social constraints is always present and insidious by a continual flow of images. The SCOTCH performance removes these constraints by experimenting a more fundamental state of being, an experience linked with one’s own reality. The response to this perception with no filter is then smiles on all faces.


This first act of void and erasure enables a letting go (physical, sensorial, energetic). The performance is not a realistic, surrealistic, and hyperrealistic representation of scotch.  The performer is SCOTCH.


He becomes flooded by a slow life drive (it has always been there but he feels it for the first time again since childhood). He is fully connected with his own self and environment, stripped bare of his contemporary attributes.


This is a live performative exploration.


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